Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Welcome to the PTRSNFamilyNews Blog!

Greetings Family and Friends.

Welcome to our family blog. As most of you know, we are expecting our baby....this month. The due date is June 29. However, due to a variety of reasons, the doctor has scheduled delivery for Tuesday, June 17 at 8:30am. It's still hard to believe that there will be 4 of us (5, if you count the dog) in one short week.

We don't think Kaylin has any idea what's in store. She'll no longer be the center of the universe. Though we're confident she'll make a great big sister.

I'll update the blog with pictures and details of the delivery some time after the baby is born.

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The Dogs said...

If you can wait until the 20th, that would be more convenient for us. :-) That is our anniversary, and we would be able to remember his/her birthday and age, because it is our 10th.

Just kidding, but we will be praying for Mom, Baby, Sister, and Daddy and Tahoe too. Blessings

Dave & Em