Monday, June 16, 2008

The Story of "Jackson William"

"Honey, you're going to kill me." is probably not the best way to begin a discussion with your wife. The response? "What did you do?" "What didn't you do?"

Well, neither. However...

We had settled on a name that really never settled with me. Since I wasn't forthcoming with any better suggestions, we agreed to name our son after me - James John or "Jimmy John." But I still wasn't sure about having a "Jr." or a "II." So, I did a little research on Tuesday night, June 10. At that point, a C-Section was scheduled for Tuesday, June 17. 7 days away. Plenty of time to discuss a new name.

What did I find? Mostly other's opinions on the subject...too confusing, arrogant, the child doesn't have his own identity, etc., etc., ad nauseum...enough to question naming our son after me.

Now what? Thus the conversation Wednesday, June 11 that began with "Honey..."

Then what? Thursday morning, June 12, my lovely wife decides to go into labor. Around 11:00am, Genny's doctor tells us we're going to have a baby at 5 hours!

At 1:00pm, we still hadn't decided on a name. We had tossed around a few ideas over the past 12 hours. Around 2:00pm, we finally decided on "Jackson William." I think we made the right decision.

Why "Jackson?" We like the name "Jack." Solid. Straight forward. Why "William?" In honor of my brother Bill (William).

I think Genny has forgiven me.


Karen Zappa said...

Congratulations to all of you. I'm glad everyone is doing well. It will take some adjustment, but you'll all be one big happy family in no time!

Alexis said...

he's absolutely beautiful! and so is your daughter!